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Monday, July 14, 2008

Scene 01 – The cast standing outside East High saying their final goodbyes (Song: Whole Cast – Say Goodbye)

Scene 02 – All the wild cats are at home packing before they leave, they find the east high year book this is when the movie will play flashback memories (Song: Whole Cast – Time To Move On)

Scene 03 – They all spend their last night together at a karaoke bar (Song: Whole Cast – Sing It)

Scene 04 – Troy drives Gabriella to the airport because she is going to Stanford University (Song: Troy & Gabriella – Tell Me You’ll Think Of Me)

Scene 05 – Sharpay’s first day working at the East High drama department, she doesn’t like the way Mrs. Darbus decorated it, so she decides to re-decorate it. (Song: Sharpay & The Sharpettes – Sharpay Style)

Scene 06 – It’s the first day of college, they all arrive at their new schools

Scene 07 – Ryan and Kelsi meet up to write a musical that is going to be played on Broadway (Song: Ryan & Kelsi – It’s Going To Be Big)

Scene 08 – Troy plays his first basketball game at Berkley University; they lose because he can’t stop thinking about Gabriella.

Scene 09 – Sharpay finds out that students have been complaining about her because she is too mean, to keep her job she has to be nice to everyone, Ryan and Kelsi visits Sharpay and tries to help her keep her job. (Song: Sharpay, Ryan & Kelsi – The Nicer Side Of Me)

Scene 10 – Chad And Taylor go on a romantic date (Song: Chad & Taylor – I Like This)

Scene 11 – Sharpay’s drama class auditions for Kelsi & Ryan’s musical (Song: Sharpay, Ryan & Drama Class – Shine Like A Star)

Scene 12 – Troy drives to Gabriella’s school, they meet up for lunch. More flashback memories

Scene 13 – Kelsi and Ryan rehearse with the Drama Class

Scene 14 – At the Stanford school assembly the principal announces that Gabriella is student of the year

Scene 15 – Gabriella, Chad, Ryan, Sharpay & Kelsi surprises Troy at his Basketball Game (Song: Whole Cast – Go For The Gold)

Scene 16 – After the basketball game Troy’s coach offer’s him to play basketball in London, Troy doesn’t know what to do

Scene 17 – Gabriella is upset so she leaves without saying goodbye to everyone, she goes back to Stanford (Song: Gabriella – Does He Love Me)

Scene 18 – Sharpay, Ryan And Kelsi have their final rehearsal (Song: Sharpay, Ryan & Drama Class – Shine Like A Star (Reprise))

Scene 19 – Troy tells Gabriella that he isn’t going to London to play basketball, Gabriella feels bad because he is staying for Gabriella (Song: Troy & Gabriella – Anywhere In The World)

Scene 20 – It’s time for Sharpay’s Drama class to perform the musical. Ryan & Kelsi are very excited. Everyone is in the audience watching. (Song: Sharpay & Drama Class – Can You Dance)

Scene 21 – The musical was a big success everyone backstage celebrates with a song (Song: Whole Cast – Night Of Nights)

Scene 22 – Credits (Song: Whole Cast – What Happens Next)