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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Picture This - Featured Music

Hey guys, decided to post the "Picture This" featured songs. I'm still working in getting details on when/if the soundtrack will be released. Stay tuned, and here it is:
Shadows of the Night - Ashley TisdaleThat Stuff - Molly MSincerely Me - Danielle McKeeBetter - Cori YarckinAll So Different - ChandelleWelcome to the Party - Molly MYou are part of Everything - Josh KellyDay in the Sun - Angie HiltonUnstoppable - Buddah BellyCome to the Night - FaraciBecause i'm Awesome - The DollyrotsThrough My Eyes - Autumn's DescentSymphony No. 9: Ode To Joy - BeethovenI'm Just Like You - Deadstar AssemblyDrive - The HumidiflyersLet me Fall - FaraciDale que Dale - MikeytonTell Me You Love Me - Daniel CageShiver - Cheryl YieSoft Place To Fall - Joelle JamesYour Ride - Girls Love ShoesFragile Tough Girl - Jo DavidsonPictures of You - The Last Goodnight
The last track "Pictures of You" is pretty nice song and of course Ashley's cover for "Shadows of the Night" is the best track of the movie. Stay tuned on MissTisdale.net for more news on Picture This.