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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Only 2 more days until we start getting into the hsm3 promotion point.
This friday don't forget to go to the movies to see Wall-E and get a first look at the trailer for HSM3: Senior Year.
I just got some news from HSM Rocks and they gave this away about the trailer.
I just hoped that it would have been longer than 30 seconds. Maybe a 3 minute trailer would be better.

1. The trailer starts with the famous Disney Pictures logo
2. "High School Musical" song start playing
3. The guys with the red hats start to show up:
4. Troy's face (Text : Troy)
5. Gabriella's face (Text: Gabriella)
6. Sharpay's face (Text: Sharpay)
7. Ryan's face (Text: Ryan)
8. Chad or Taylor didn't show up
9. HSM3 logo appears
10. Senior Year! tag appears
11. The guys throw up their hats
12. The guys scream: "YEAH!"
13. Tag: "Coming Soon"
14. Aprox. duration: 30 sec.