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Saturday, June 28, 2008

HSM 3 "My Shadow" Lyrics

HSM 3 "My Shadow" Lyrics

Hear are some lyrics to the song "My Shadow" from HSM3: Senior Year.
Sung by Troy, Chad, Sharpay, Jimmy, Donny, and Tiara.
Thanks to Daniel!

I look up to you like a brother (brother)

Well all I can say is I'm proud

We'll be there for one another (another)

Yeah! Score the winning point for the crowd.

You can't say I don't know how to dance.

Well I guess I can give you a chance.

Donnie, Jimmy and Tiara-
Your my idol I look up to you,
No matter what I say.

Troy, Chad, Sharpay-
No words can say how good I feel each and every day.

Troy, Chad, Sharpay-
Yeah! Yeah! You're my shadow (shadow)

Tiara, Jimmy, Donnie-
Dont let this moment pass us by.

Troy, Sharpay, Chad-
Your my shadow (shadow)

Tiara, Jimmy, Donnie-
So stand by my side.