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Sunday, June 29, 2008

HSM 3: Senior Year Official Tracklisting And Song Info!

HSM 3: Senior Year Official Tracklisting And Song Info!

1. Now Or Never-
-HSM Cast
-During the West High Knights and East High Wildcats State Championship basketball game.
-Takes place in the gym.

2. Wow!-
-Tiara, Jimmy, Donnie
-The new sophomores enter into East High!
-They walk around together looking at everything and love the school.

3. My Shadow -
-Troy, Chad, Sharpay, Tiara, Jimmy, Donnie
-Takes place in the gym.
-Chad and Troy tell Donnie and Jimmy to meet up for basketball training.
-Meanwhile the theater is full, so Sharpay and Tiara are in the gym rehearsing.

4. Boys Are Back -
-Troy And Chad
-Troy and Chad run around a junkyard smashing and banging trash cans together and smashing car windows while dancing and singing.

5. I Want It All-
-Sharpay And Ryan
-Massive cafateria scence when there are over 500 kids danceing and singing in Sharpay's dream sequence of a Hollywood premiere in New York City.

6. You Think You Know What's Best-
-Gabriella and Sharpay
-A sing off between Sharpay and Gabriella
-Sharpay attempts to steal Troy again.
-Gabriella gets fed up with Sharpay and they start to sing.

7. Right Here, Right Now- -
Troy And Gabriella
-This is the first song in the musical.
Troy and Gabriella are sitting in the tree from the 1st movie.

8. (RUMORED) Our Prom Time!-
-HSM Cast
-This is a big number where the whole cast get dressed up for Prom.

9. Sing Just To Dance-
-Sharpay and Tiara
-The sing off between Sharpay and Tiara
-It is about 7 mins.

10. A Night To Remember-
-HSM Cast
-This song was planned to be the last song in the musical!
-It is mostly sung by Gabriella but there are parts where the whole cast sing.

11. Wait! Don't Go!-
-This song it the only solo in the movie!
-When everyone starts to leave as the play is finishing, Ryan runs out and grabs the mic.
-Kelsi plays music and he sings to the music.

12. May I Have This Dance?-
-Troy And Gabriella
-At Stanford University
- Troy suprises Gabriella and as he jumps from a tree and they sing around the campus.

13. We're All In This Together (Graduation Version)-
-HSM Cast
-There are extra verses in this one where Chad, Taylor, Jimmy, Donny, And Tiara new sing.
-Takes place during graduation.

14. High School Musical - HSM CastTakes Place as soon as evryone graduates!

15. 1st Credit Song -(winner of HSM: Get In The Picture)

16. 2nd Credit Song (Start Of Something New)*REMIXED*- Zac Efron And Vanessa Hudgens

17. What Did You Think?- Zac Efron

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